Meet the TEAM


behind Fakkelgaarden


Everything we stand for at Fakkelgaarden is first and foremost due to one thing; our dedicated employees who carry out their work day by day with pride and passion. At Fakkelgaarden, the house’s departments work closely together to make each stay at Fakkelgaarden a special experience.



Esben Krogh



Gourmet at the highest level

In the kitchen, Esben Krogh controls the flow in the kitchen. He started his cooking career in 1992 as a cooking student at Fakkelgaarden. After completing his apprenticeship, the trip continued to well-known Michelin-starred restaurants such as: Kommandanten, Kong Hans Kælder and not least the 3-star Auberges de L’ill in France. In 2002, Esben returned to Fakkelgaarden as Sous Chef, and since 2014, Esben has led the kitchen team and been primarily responsible for Fakkelgaarden’s culinary course and training of skilled chefs.


Casper Depka Carstens

The chef’s sparring partner

Casper Depka Carstens has been Sous Chef at Fakkelgaarden since 2014 and has a past as Sous Chef at restaurant Tree Top in Vejle. Casper is the chef’s right hand man, and with his vast experience and creative approach to the subject, he largely influences the gastronomic line.


Thomas Grunddal Jørgensen



Restaurant manager and sommelier

Restaurant manager Thomas Grunddal Jørgensen knows his profession like no other and can draw on more than 25 years of experience from several Danish top restaurants such as Penny Lane, Marie Louise and Molskroen just to name a few. In addition, Thomas is a sommelier and a member of the Danish Sommelier Association. Thomas has been at Fakkelgaarden for a total of over 10 years.

Restaurant Sous Chef

Tommy Nissen

Waiter with ambitions

Tommy started as a newly qualified waiter at Fakkelgaarden in 2015, and together with the restaurant manager he is responsible for the waiter team and for ensuring that the interaction between kitchen and service runs smoothly. Tommy is also the primary contact person for hosting menu talks for larger parties.


Karelia Margarita Petersen


Indispensable link

The reception is central hub of Fakkelgaarden, where Karelia manages the interplay between the house’s activities and functions and ensures the guests’ well-being during their stay. Karelia is educated at the five-star Hotel Alter Meierhof and has since gained management experience at several reputable hotels in the border region.