for any occasion 


Our various rooms each offer their own charm and versatile uses and we can always offer you the best surroundings for your specific purpose.

The rooms have different sizes that are suitable for everything from small parties to large gatherings with up to 90 dining guests. At Fakkelgaarden, we can therefore cater for many types of parties with the desire for a private setting – from small gatherings to large festive occasions.



The center of the house 



Perfect for life’s big parties

Gårdhaven is our largest room and Fakkelgaarden’s natural center with room for up to 60 people. For very large parties, the neighboring room Skovsalonen is included, which provides the opportunity to expand with space for another 30 guests.

Gårdhaven is kept in light friendly shades of color, and with windows and a sloping ceiling, the light is unique in the atmospheric room. As the finishing touch, there is a look at life in the kitchen. On cold winter days, the fireplace provides warm coziness while the piano invites to musical elements. And with its own bar, the setting is set for festive occasions.



medium-sized multitalent

Closed room with private charm

Skovsalonen is the perfect party- or conference room for parties with up to 30 guests and therefore our most used party room. Here you can host an undisturbed party or meeting day just a stone’s throw from the kitchen. The room’s large glass sections and the bay window provide a nice light and its own exit.

Skovsalonen can be decorated with flexible table- and chair arrangements, and the large 82-inch wall-mounted TV and sound system create the perfect setting regardless of the purpose.     



with a view of Flensburg Fjord



Private Dining in a stylish setting

Fjordsalonen is perfect for smaller parties or groups of up to 10 people who wants to eat in a private and discreet setting. Fjordsalonen is therefore often used for smaller festive occasions, as a meeting room for e.g. board meetings or when several pairs of friends want to sit by themselves.

Gourmet food at Fakkelgaarden


For special moments

Heavenly view for the wine enthusiast

Even if you start by walking 15 steps down to get into the wine cellar, you will hardly get any closer to heaven if you are into good wine. Here in the beautifully decorated wine cellar, the wine collection is stored with 500 quality wines in all segments under perfect conditions.

Great classics from Bordeaux or Bourgogne are stored side by side with modern cult wines and pioneers from the new wine world such as North America or Australia. All guests are welcome to have a look in the wine cellar, and the wine waiter is happy to help you find the right wine for your dinner.



Over two floors



Gourmet on all levels

In the upper and lower tower restaurant – in everyday speech Tårnet – Fakkelgaarden’s attentive waiters serve gourmet delights in the atmospheric building with view over Flensburg Fjord.   


Den blå gendarm

Cozy gathering place before and after dinner

Our bar “The Blue Gendarme” is the natural stop just before entering the restaurant or after a good dinner. Here you can enjoy afternoon coffee and cake, snacks and aperitif as well as a cool drink or refreshing specialty beer.