Lost and found

If you have forgotten an item during your stay at Fakkelgaarden, please fill in the form below.

In the form, please describe the forgotten item as thorougly as possible, as well as where it is supposed to be left (e.g. specify the room number). It is also important to specify the date on which the effect may have been forgotten.

We will contact you as soon as possible to confirm whether or not the item has been found. If we find the item, we will also agree on the next steps.

Fakkelgaarden reserves the right to keep forgotten effects for one week only. If we are first contacted after this, we will refer you to the Lost and Found office – the effects are sent to the Lost and Found office in Sønderborg (Sønderborg Police Station, Ringridervej 37, 6400 Sønderborg).


Fakkelgaarden takes no responsibility for forgotten items, and we cannot guarantee that what you have forgotten during your stay will be found. For security and administrative reasons, forgotten items are sent via the service provider parcel.dk. The recipient pays the freight before shipping. Fakkelgaarden is not responsible for the shipment or any discrepancies in the postal service. 

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