unique rooms


with fantastic views

Fakkelgaarden is located on a hilltop with panoramic views over the beautiful Flensburg Fjord. The tall yellow buildings with the characteristic round tower contain both a critically acclaimed gourmet restaurant and a hotel with beautiful rooms and large suites. All year round you have the most beautiful view of the fjord from both the restaurant, the garden and the hotel. In the summer guests enjoy lunch on the terrace while yachts and kayaks quietly glide past.

Rooms & suites 

The hotel’s rooms and suites are all individually decorated and kept in a bright Scandinavian and maritime style inspired by the scenic location just a stone’s throw from Flensburg Fjord. The rooms and suites – most with magnificent sea views; some even with a private hot tub – all offer extremely good comfort with, among other things, beautiful, modern bathrooms, flat screen TV, free minibar / snacks and free wireless internet. For every night, there is of course a delicious breakfast with the house’s specialties in several servings.




Perfect for you who wants to live alone in a stylish and comfortable setting.

Fakkelgaarden Gourmet stay Double room


Comfortable and modern decor with maritime charm.


Comfortable and modern decor with maritime charm and fjord view.


Same comfort as superior, but with access to outdoor hot tub.




Extra space and comfort with maritime decor and views of Flensburg Fjord.


Unique luxury, spacious and maritime decor with a view of Flensburg Fjord.


Same unique luxury as the gendarmsuite, but with access to outdoor hot tub.