with local ingredients


Ever since Fakkelgaarden opened its doors in 1992, the restaurant has been known for its critically acclaimed cuisine. Here, it is especially the fresh local ingredients and the influence of South Jutland traditions that gives the food a special twist and ensure guests from near and far an unforgettable experience.

In addition, a visit to Fakkelgaarden’s restaurant is always spiced with particularly fine wines, the best service and a fantastic view of
Flensburg Fjord.


The inspiration for our dishes comes from both the French and the local cuisine
– we combine the best of both worlds to give our guests unique taste experiences.
The menu changes all year round and is constantly adapted to the fresh ingredients of the season.

Gourmet food at Fakkelgaarden

The Chef

At Fakkelgaarden, we only use fresh seasonal ingredients and preferably from the local area. Of course, we smoke the salmon ourselves. The freshness and quality is an important ingredient in my kitchen and I enjoy spoiling the guests with tasty dishes based on the absolute best ingredients.

Fakkelgaarden Gaardhaven Gourmetrestaurant