Signature Menu

ultimate culinary luxury


Crème de la crème for connaisseurs

When only the best of the best is considered, when all the stops of classic great cuisine are pulled out and the ingredients and accompanying wines must be of the highest quality, we offer our “Signature Menu”.

“Signature” is Fakkelgaarden’s supreme discipline, a true gastronomic cornucopia and thus an exclusive gourmet experience beyond the ordinary. The menu is served as a private dining in a stylish ambience for up to 10 quality-conscious guests who are looking for a total culinary experience in a class of its own.

We wish you much pleasure and bon appétit!


The »Signature Menuen« represents the highest level of culinary excellence, where we humbly refine the best and finest ingredients that the season has to offer. With razor-sharp perfection, we create unparalleled tasting experiences that reflect our ambitions in haute cuisine. The accompanying prestigious wines, selected by our sommelier, crown the work and send the taste senses on a unique explorative voyage.

Chef de Cuisine

No compromises

only sublime quality  

Ingredients and wines of the highest quality

It’s easy to create great taste experiences with ordinary, everyday ingredients – we do it every day. But sometimes it just has to be a little more than that.

With the “Signature Menu” we focus on the ultimate, that is, on the best ingredients that can be sourced from near and far. In other words: We fade out any modesty for a while and celebrate the sublime when we create our “Signature Menu” for connoisseurs and lovers of the high art of haute cuisine.

Signature menu

with seven courses



When only the best is good enough

Chef de Cuisine Esben Krogh and sommelier Thomas Grunddal Jørgensen have created a magnificent seven-course menu with the best seasonal ingredients and a carefully matched wine list.

  • Snacks & champagne aperitif
  • 7 »Signature« courses
  • Accompanying prestigious wines
  • Coffee & Petit Four 
  • Own elegant private dining room 

Can be booked for a minimum of 10 people



Price incl. 5 double rooms with breakfast for 10 persons: DKK 38.000

Please send your booking request to